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Who are the Bollywood's Highest Paid Actors? This question is very difficult, because there are so many actros in bollywood film industry. The next generation of actors in bollywood have started earning more than Amitabh Bachan for a single movie. Whether or not they give continuous hits doesn't matter to them, but their salaries keep increasing year after year. Here are the top five endorsement deals that our macho stars are being filled with: At no. 5- Ranbir Kapoor (Rs 7 Crore). At no. 4- Salman Khan (Rs 10 Crore). At No. 3- Hrithik Roshan( Rs 12 Crores). At No. 2 – Shahrukh Khan, Akshay Kumar (Rs 15 Crores). At No. 1- Aamir Khan (35 Crores). Check out here Top Highest Paid Actors in Bollywood: Wallpapers, Pictures & Photo Gallery.


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