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Friday, February 25, 2011

Top 5 Bollywood Wardrobe Malfunctions

Posted by HussainModel

Sonali Bendre’s wardrobe malfunction during the Karan Johar’s party at the Four Seasons Hotel is the hottest topic of discussion these days. Although Bendre’s spokesperson has denied the rumor it is not going to subside soon.
There have been numerous such incidents in Bollywood the past. Let’s see the top 5 of such embarrassing moment (sometimes the viewers are more embarrassed than the celebrity involved).
1. Yana Gupta
This was the hottest incident of 2010. Yana Gupta surprised everybody in a children’s charity event by showing up without her panties. She admitted her mistake but she also added that it was not a big deal.
yana gupta -malfunction

2. Shamita Shetty
Shamita Shetty’s had a Britney Spear moment when her skirt rode up momentarily in a program. That was enough for the photographers present there to capture one of the rare moments in Bollywood.
3. Nauheed Cyrusi
Nauheed Cyrusi’s braless saree was also a favorite catch in Ayesha Takia’s wedding. The transparent dress did little to hide the things inside. She made news and was featured in almost every Bollywood gossip sites.
Nauheed Cyrusi
4. Celina Jaitley
Celina Jaitely had her share of wardrobe malfunction when she ended up exposing more than what she intended in a program where she appeared in a dress as shown in the photo below.

Well, the actual photo of the ‘malfunction’ is not available but, anybody can guess what more can be exposed in such a dress. But, that was not the only reason she ranked fourth in this list. In another case, the editors of one of her movies choose to leave a scene where she has shown more than what is expected.

5. Sonali Kulkarni
Sonali Kulkarni is also known to have more than one wardrobe malfunctions. It is however not known weather she does it deliberately or by mistake, but Sonali Kulkarni can be name a wardrobe malfunction queen for sure.
Update: Below is another version of Top 5 panties-less stunts by Bollywood actress in recent times. Credit goes the the video compilers.


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