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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Doutzen Kroes is a sexy Angel

Posted by HussainModel

Normally I pride myself on staying pretty up to date on Victoria’s Secret models but I somehow missed sexy Angel Doutzen Kroes. You might not see her quite as often as some of the more famous Victoria’s Secret models, but she’s a fairly accomplished model in her own right. This Dutch stunner has numerous magazine covers to her credit and has walked to runway for some of the world’s most famous names including Dior, Valentino, Prada and Versace. It’s not hard to tell why designers love her so much. She has the fresh faced beauty and killer body that make any clothes look good although it is a shame to see her cover up those incredible curves.

Irina Sheik in too hot in lingerie

If I were to make a list of women I’m pretty sure could blind men with their hotness, I’m sure I would rank Irina Sheik pretty close to the top of that list. Seriously. This woman is unbelievable. Her eyes. Her hair. Her lips. Then, of course, there’s that incredible body. A lot of women can’t pull of the thigh high stockings with garter belt thing without looking sleazy, but this is not an average woman. Whether in black lingerie, white lingerie, pink lingerie or blue lingerie, one thing remains the same – this woman should never wear clothes. If I looked half that good, I never would. I’d grocery shop in my bra and panties and not care who gave me dirty looks. Well, I probably wouldn’t, but that doesn’t mean Irina shouldn’t. Well, okay, she probably shouldn’t either. Old men would be dropping like flies. Mothers would be covering their children’s eye. Married men would be pummeled with purses. Single men would be fighting each other in the isles. It would be chaos!

Avril Lavigne reminds us she’s hot

Normally when you see Avril at the beach she’s dressed down in t-shirts looking like one of the boys. Every now and then, though, Avril decides to remind us that underneath her casual attire there’s a smoking hot body. Thankfully, there are usually cameras there to catch the hotness in glorious photographs. This is Avril in Hawaii lounging in the sun in a sexy black bikini. Sure that ugly trucker hat makes its appearance, but who really pays attention to what’s on her head. The only thing anyone pays attention to in these pictures is what isn’t covering her body. A nice change for sure. The thing I like most about Avril is that this isn’t an every day occurrence. Pictures of Avril in a bikini are actually a treat because we don’t get them all the time. Maybe some of the other starlets out there flaunting their bodies at every turn could take lessons from Lavigne.

Salma Hayek looks incredible

If you need proof that Salma Hayek is awesome, check out her guest appearances on 30 Rock. It’s one of my personal favorite comedies on the air right now and she was one of the best guest stars the show has had. Salma is funny, sexy and doesn’t take herself so seriously she can’t poke fun at herself. I love these pictures of Salma because they serve as just further evidence that Salma is not only a babe, but is also a babe that isn’t afraid to look human. Although she has a little cellulite in some of the pictures and doesn’t have a perfectly flat stomach, she still looks incredible. I’d rather see one picture of Salma than a hundred pictures of waif thin actresses that look like that haven’t eaten a sandwich in years. Salma is one of my favorite actresses in Hollywood. Hope she comes back to 30 Rock someday.


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