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Wednesday, March 2, 2011
Posted by HussainModel

Ayesha Takia is beautiful

Talking about Ayesha Takia, the first thing which comes to your mind is SOMETHING but am not here to talk about that. She is simply the hottest actress in Bollywood. I am a fan of her since I was a kid, when she used to kill on 'Good Morning Disney' as a co-host. Of course it was mainly a cartoon show so I wasn't denied to see it :D. One day she announced she wont be hosting the show anymore because of her higher studies and stuff... it was the same day I stopped watching disney cartoons too. There was this video of Falguni Pathak "Meri Chunar ud ud jai"... Though lame video but, Man, she looked divine in that too!

If you see, Ayesha Takia has a really tall neck, something which is noteworthy in models (Deepika Padukon, Aish, Priyanka Chopra... If you noticed, Miss Felicity 2008 also had a long neck) and, I dont know why, but I just go crazy about tall necks. Moreover, her eyebrows shield the whole world, wine filled eyes, a perfect nose and dont even talk about how beautiful her face is. She is tall and has broad shoulders. She is a perfect early woman, an early encestor, may be she is a Goddess.

A long neck is just really artistic (If it is really an artist who has designed woman). It fits very aesthetially on a woman's body, It is like a tall vas, with the grasses coming out to protect its shine, and balanced perfectly on a tall and strong violin.

Its not like I dont have anything else to do but notice necks, its just really easy. Just see if the woman's hair are long but still they are able to reach only her shoulders, if, then her neck is long.

Yes I know, people have been talking about she is is growing fat which may be true, but her resume for now has very little experience (She hasn't acted in many movies + she is very young) so she will definitely take care of herself.

I recently watched Sunday, quite nice movie. Earlier I watched Salaam-e-Ishq in which her boyfriend's name was Shiven (that 'v' causes 'V for Vendetta'). I have to watch all Ayesha Takia's movie now.

Some more actresses with long necks:

Holly Walance

Aishwarya Rai

Eliza Dushku

Amy Walz (NFSU girl, She is the final boss)

Example short neck: Hilary Duff


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