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Thursday, February 10, 2011
Posted by HussainModel


Ishy's Boutique at the Bradford Asian Bridal and Lifestyle Show 2011

I hadn't really heard of Ishy's Boutique before seeing them on the catwalk at the Bradford Asian Bridal and Lifestyle exhibition, but having already seen collections by all the other designers at this show I was keen to see what this Birmingham based store had to offer.
Sadly, my first impressions weren't very good. These first 3 outfits weren't very inspiring at all, and the middle red lehnga was very badly fitted (which I know isn't the fault of the designer, but if you're selecting outfits for a fashion show presumably you'd check with the organiser about what sizes to send!)

I didn't really like any of the other outfits either - usually I'd say purple and gold makes for a nice colour combination, but in my opinion this lehnga below is overkill on the gold!

If I had to choose one outfit as a "favourite" and (I use the term favourite very loosely here) it would be this light pink gown, however again it's really badly fitted - there's no shape to it and it almost looks like it's falling off from one side showing off the model's bra.
A big thanks to Rafyl from Rafyl Photography for these photos.

Would love to know your thoughts on this shop because the impression made on me from the fashion show wasn't very good! Are they better than this?


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