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Friday, February 11, 2011
Posted by HussainModel

Cocktails for Valentines Day are not difficult to make. By including glasses of the best cocktails in your menu, the mood of this special day can be set on fire. Cocktails and special occasions go hand in hand. However, Valentines Day is an occasion where cocktails set the mood. Although different types of cocktails for Valentines Day are there, in this write up you can find the top 10 cocktails which can create a romantic mood for this special day. Best cocktails are made fresh and served chilled. Depending on the tempo of an occasion cocktails can be made with cream, juices or sodas.
Cocktails for Valentines Day are special. They have to be selected carefully so that the flavour is intense but at the same time it is subtle and soothing. Given below are the top 10 cocktails for Valentines Day which have been selected carefully. Some of them are cream blended whereas the others are blended with fruit juices. Take a pick from the list of these best cocktails and make your Valentine’s meal special.
Top 10 cocktails for Valentines Day :   
  • Agave Kiss:This is a tequila based cocktail blended with white crème de cacao, double cream and Chambord.
  • Blushing Lady:As the name suggests, this cocktail is pink in colour. Pomegranate liqueur and pink grapefruit juice gives the colour to this cocktail whereas vodka gives this drink an intense flavour.
  • Brazilian Rose:If you are very romantic, this is the drink for you. A perfect blend of Cachaca and guava juice with a dash of triple sec this drink is refreshing. Rose petals can be added for garnishing which is romantic indeed.
  • Amarula and Eve:This particular drink combines crème and juice perfectly and is made with Amarula crème, citrus flavoured vodka, lychee juice and grapefruit juice.
  • Velvet Kiss:Choosing perfect cocktails for Valentines Day is a difficult task. So if you want to keep it simple and dainty then this particular drink is the perfect choice.
  • Blushtini:Mix vodka, amaretto, vanilla schnapps, double cream, milk and cranberry juice – and what do you get? A rich creamy tantalizing Blushtini – just perfect.
  • Cupid’s Cosmois very energizing. The lemon flavoured drink along with vodka and cranberry juice gives you the zest for the special day.
  • Lychee and Rose Petal Martini, Scarlet Vixen and the Right Kiss are a few more cocktails for Valentines Day which is ideal to choose from.
The list of the cocktails for Valentines Day will help you to complete your Valentines Day meal. Choose the best cocktails and complement it with the right food to create a memorable meal.


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