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Sunday, January 16, 2011
Posted by HussainModel

Veena Malik spills the beans....

Q.Veena Malik, what are you all about?
Ha ha. This is me! The one and only. It isn't an act. You saw me on Bigg Boss ¦ How could I keep up an act for such a long time? The fact that the people in India have liked me so much makes me so happy.

Q.You recently came into the limelight with an outburst of controversies. What have you set out to achieve in your life?
(Thinks) I've never planned anything in my life. Log mujhse mohabbat karte hain aur main yahaan mohabbat dene ke liye aayi thi. By God's grace people gave me so much love over here. Trust me, I'm honoured. This is my achievement... Now I'll go back to Lahore to do a show for a leading news channel. I came here with a message of peace and love.

Q.You've a very Indian name?
Yes (laughs). I am glad I am called Veena. People often wonder whether I am a Pakistani or a Hindustani. When I started my career in Pakistan, people thought I was from India. Both Pakistan and India are my homes. Yahaan ki mitti aur logon se mujhe mohabbat hai. Main hamesha yahaan aana chahungi.

Q.You have performed comic roles in Pakistani films
? What plans for Bollywood?
Trust me, I wanted to do a lot of mischievous things on Bigg Boss. But I restrained myself. I never thought of a Bollywood career for myself. There are so many beautiful actresses here and I am their fan. It's a matter of great pride for me if anyone thinks I fit among these Indian beauties. Pamela Anderson told me I'm a warrior. So I'd like to do an action-comedy role.

Q.What's the status of your relationship with Ashmit Patel?
Main aapko sach bataaon? Ashmit is very important to me. Believe me, he gave me tremendous emotional support. Woh ek zabardast insaan hain. But all the gossip linking me with Hrishant Goswami and Ashmit is untrue. Hrishant wasn't even a friend. I admire him for being a goodlooking man. I liked him. But that's it. As for Ashmit, he's a sweetheart. He's my buddy. If there was anything more between us I'm bold enough to admit it. Agar hamaari zindagi rahi to hum phir milenge.

Q.So who's the special man in your life?
Right now I'm single. I am waiting anxiously for that special entry in my life. Before going into Bigg Boss I had lost faith in love. But I've come out with my faith back in place. So my doors are open. I am single. And waiting.

Q.Back home in Pakistan some radical elements have described your conduct as un-Islamic?
Whether in Pakistan or on Bigg Boss, I never pretended to be anything. Jo main hoon woh hoon. I don't believe in wearing a burqa or a hijaab (head covering) and then going on television to do politics pretending to be very Islamic when in fact, such people wear western clothes like jeans and shorts when the camera is not looking. For me, the greatest religion is humanity. I respect and love God. Mera Khuda se bahut bada connection hai. My message in life is, be what you are.

Q.How do you react to being called irreligious?
Religion is a very personal thing. It is no one else's business. If I look beautiful to your eyes then please do the honour of looking at me. But if you feel by looking at me they (the eyes) are being un-Islamic, then please don't take the trouble of looking at me.

Q.Do you fear the wrath of the conservative elements?
When you live your life your own way you are bound to offend people. I've the right to live my life my way. When tenets are imposed on you and you reject them you're bound to face hardships. I've suffered in the past. I'm ready to suffer now. But I won't change the way I am. Main apni zindagi apne tareeqe se jiyungi. I know I've to face a lot of anger when I return home. And I also know no one will share my pain and suffering.

Q.You are complete dabanng (fearless). Like Salman Khan
(Laughs loudly) Do you really think so?

Q.Do you regret your expose on your former cricketer boyfriend Mohammad Asif?
I don't want to go into too many details. But I will say this I went out of my way for him. Bahut kuch kiya unke liye. I tried to be exemplary in the relationship. Whatever he did or said about me or about our relationship, I didn't mind. But what he did with the emotions of those thousands of cricket lovers by cheating people of crores ¦ I couldn't tolerate that. Jo unhone mulk ke saath kiya aur cricket se mohabbat karne waalon ke saath kiya, uske liye main unhe nahin maaf kar sakti. Even today I stand by my expose. In fact, I am happy that I did it. I marvel at my own guts. In spite of being a single girl did I really make such a big revelation? I am proud of what I did. Maine theek kiya. Mujhe aisa hi karna chahiye tha.

Q.What are your plans now?
I did not go on Bigg Boss for the money. The prize money is meaningless to me. Allah ka diya hua mere paas bahut kuch hai. I am a woman of plenty. I came to India and Bigg Boss to spread the message of love. It was being said before me that artistes from across the border had no acceptance or support in India. I've disproved that. Jo unconditional pyaar mujhe Hindustan mein mila hai main marte dum tak nahin bhool sakti. I'll always be happy to return to India any time. My visa expires now in a few days. So I've to return to Pakistan. But I'll be back soon.


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