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Thursday, January 27, 2011
Posted by HussainModel

Deepika Padukone upsets Kalpana Lajmi

Deepika Padukone upsets Kalpana LajmiDeepika Padukone had a successful time last year and is looking forward to lots of projects in this year. Her kitty is filled with numbers of films this year keeping her busy throughout 2011. She has been so busy that could no manage to talk to Rudaali fame director Kalpana Lajmi before rejecting her film offer.

Lajmi has been waiting to come out with a new project since a long time. Her last film Chingaari starring Mithun Chakraborty and Sushmita Sen, was released in 2006. Few days ago, the director called up Deepika’s secretary for her next project but the secretary said that the actress cannot do her film because her dates are already filled for this year.

The director was ready to wait for Deepika’s availability of dates but she even did not bother to talk to the director before giving a blank ‘no’ statement. So, we can’t even think of her reading the script of the movie.

Kalpana was definitely shocked at this abrupt refusal by the young actress. After two months, Lajmi again called up the secretary of the actress, who sent her a message saying that her dates are filled until 2012. The source added that the message was polite but Kalpana was left wondered why Deepika did not bother to talk to her before drawing any conclusion.

The veteran director said that she was ready to wait for the actress to become free but was upset with her behaviour. She added that the heroines of today forget that they have turned popular because of the medium of cinema.

Deepika preferred to stay out of commenting on the issue but her manager said that she would have loved to work with a senior filmmaker like Kalpana Lajmi but a year has only 365 days and they are already committed for others. He added that Deepika did not want to keep a senior person like Lajmi hanging, so decided to be straight about it.

Well, we too can’t deny it totally.


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